Asher is now living with his new family and Cane Corso sister, Tasha (also a CCR dog) in Indiana! YAY for Asher!

Nov Update: Asher has been saved, he is in a wonderful foster home in Indiana waiting for you to adopt him.

Intake Info: Unfortunately, Asher showed possessiveness of his rawhide bone; therefore, the shelter policy will not allow him to be adopted so their only option is US or to euthanize him. We know this type of behavior can be corrected and would like to give him an opportunity to change his over-protectiveness of bones. This could be specific to rawhide but we won’t know until we can get him further evaluated and in order to do this, we must save his life first! Asher is a beautiful 2-year old Cane Corso who is in dire need of a foster home. Prior owner states that Asher is good with all animals and has lived with dogs, but did not live with cats. The shelter reports that “Asher has not been off leash with other animals but he has been next to other dogs in the outside runs and does not fight with them through the fence. He appears friendly towards the dogs. He does not pull toward dogs when we are walking him. He does not stare dogs down or make any action that he would be aggressive toward them. Asher has been friendly to ALL the volunteers and staff. He is very mellow and laid back, giving meaning to the term gentle giant.

Asher’s adoption donation is $350.