Baloo is a handsome Cane Corso that was sadly abandoned in a home with his Corso sister and a Pomeranian. Who knows how long those three poor babies were without food, water, and human companionship. Baloo was the lucky one; his sister, never given a chance, was euthanized. Poor Baloo doesn’t know how to behave without his family, and now without his sister. He quickly scared all the shelter staff, though they knew he was a good boy. Pretty soon, Baloo figured out that he could bark loudly as the workers walked by his cage, and he would get a reaction (silly Corso). So, guess what? People stopped walking by his cage. Thank goodness, a Cane Corso Rescue volunteer went to evaluate Baloo in the shelter and he quickly fell in love with him. This volunteer went to visit him every Tuesday, Thursday and over the weekends for the length of Baloo’s extended stay at the shelter (until a foster home opened up).
This volunteer was the ONLY person who took Baloo out to play in the yard! Sadly, Baloo’s previous owner did not give him heartworm preventative, so Baloo had heartworms. This deadly condition had to be treated by Cane Corso Rescue in preparation for adoption. If you would like to donate towards his treatment (which cost almost a $1000), please click on our PayPal button or email us for an address (thank you!). Baloo’s fabulous foster parents have kept him safe, and calm for the duration of the 8 week treatment. The hardest part was listening to his wailing from the pain BUT the great news is after many months , Baloo is heartworm free & ready to go to his forever home. If you would like to see more of our stunning boy please view the slide show by copying this link to your browser:

Baloo is a strong, large dog and will not be placed in a family with young children (because of unknown history with kids and his size). He needs an active, confident leader and preferably someone with Mastiff experience. He would be best placed in a family with another large breed female dog, but he would also be happy to be the only child. Baloo’s best friend is an 11 month old Boxer puppy! Baloo is unknown with cats. If you think you might be the right match for Baloo, please fill out an application with us.

Baloo’s Adoption Donation is $350.