If you are looking for a love bug then Barley is your man! Don’t let these pictures fool you – this IS Barley’s happy face, and if your not certain then just look at the other end because his little nubby never stops wagging when his foster parents or best friend, Sadie, are around. Barley is true to the breed in regards to intelligence; he was house trained in two days and has no issues sleeping in his crate.

Barley’s foster mom reports, “He had a lot of accidents his first two days, but since then he has been fine. He aims to please, so it wasn’t long for him to figure out that it made us happy when he went to the bathroom outside. Once he met my dog, he fell in love and does whatever she does. He follows her around, and she’s been showing him the ropes.

He is very sweet and loving. He is very playful with other dogs and LOVES the snow. He is easy to walk and train. He loves to go for walks and play outside in the yard.He loves to cuddle, and I think if he could he would sit on your lap. He has no food agression and doesn’t beg for people food while we are eating(he’s better than my dog with that one). Since he arrived a week ago, he has learned to sit, stay, and come to his new name. He spends time in his crate during evenings and when we are out. He gets very lonely in there and cries sometimes, but is getting better each night.He did break out of the crate while we weren’t home one time, but did no damage in the house. He just found some of our clothes and shoes and put them on his pillow and slept with them. (too cute)

He met a few members of my family over the holidays and was sweet and gentle with everyone.He gets along very well with my cat and other dog. He truly is a great dog. He is still skittish around loud noise and sudden movements. For example, he is afraid to go outside in the dark without me. It’s kinda cute actually, but I think this will be corrected with the more positive experiences he has. He is going to need a home with at least one other dog because he was very sad and lonely when my dog was gone for the day. He cried and paced by the door when she left, then was SO excited to see her.”