“Just had to tell you both, how well Bodden represented his breed at the 4H fair over the past 3 days. To our knowledge, he is the first and only Cane Corso to be at the Somerset County 4H Fair. He has attracted LOTS of interest and people are asking tons of questions all day long. As you might be able to see in the last photo (of his Pen) we have little signs up, and one mentions Cane Corso Rescue! People have been asking about the website and the rescued dogs ALOT. Bodden has been Excellent and we are so proud. The first picture shows him in the grooming judging, where he received an Excellent! (and the judge just loved him). the 2nd and 3rd pictures show him in the obedience show for Beginner B (higher than Beginner A since he is so smart)… He took 4th out of over 30 other dogs! we were so excited, he was amazing. The pictuers show him in a heel walk and in his stand for exam (he has to stand and stay while to judge walks around him). The final picture was the costume show, he was Super dog and Tanasia was Wonder Trainer. Well enough bragging, he is such a sweetie.”