11/7/11: Hi guys!! Chevy here. My foster mom thought it was about time for another update on me so here goes…
I’m still doing great! Still no accidents in the house and still being a good, good boy when left out of the crate. I’m still doing great with the dogs I live with and the dogs I meet when we’re out and about. This one Boxer girl tried to beat me up when all I wanted to do was play with her. I yelled back at her when she got mean but that was about it. I even let my crazy foster mom dress me up for Halloween!!

The only “bad” thing I do is whine/bark sometimes when I’m alone…but mostly I’m nice and quiet. My allergies seem to be getting better. I just have a few little bumpies left and some dry skin but I’m healing up nicely and my fur is growing back. Hopefully that’s the end of that!!

Hey, you want to hear something REALLY cool? My old mom found me! All this time the rescue thought I was just dumped at the shelter by my family because they didn’t want me anymore but that wasn’t the case. You see, my old mom is young and she lived with her parents. I was staying there with them but for some reason her dad didn’t want me there…said he didn’t want any dogs. Well, my mom went on a vacation to visit a family member and when she came back I was GONE!! Her mean dad took me to the shelter while she was away and just LEFT me there!! My mom was devastated and has been searching for me ever since…thinking I was dead but praying I wasn’t! Unfortunately, she’s not in a position to take me back, even though she really wants to 🙁 It’s quite obvious from her letters to my foster mom how much I meant to her and how much she misses me. She even sent me a video telling me how much she loved me and started crying. It made me so sad…and I kissed the screen when my foster mom played it for me. But, knowing that she still loves me and that it wasn’t her that dumped me at the shelter lets me know that it certainly wasn’t MY fault!

She did fill my foster mom in on some things about me that she didn’t know…and sent puppy pictures!! Oh what a cute little big headed baby I was! I was born on April 26, 2009. Apparently I love to swim!! Throw my ball in the water and I jump right in! I’m also good with kids, I like to go hiking, LOVE to go for car rides and know how to roll over and play “hide and seek”. At my old home they’d hang a rope from a tree and I would swing around on it…that tree is one heck of a tugger let me tell ya!! She sent pictures of that too! She also said that I didn’t have the allergy issues that I’m having now, just dry skin, so those issues could be from a reaction to something that I had at the shelter or the change in climate. And have I mentioned what a great snuggler and kisser I am? I put a smile on my foster family’s face every day 🙂 Don’t you want a sweet, goofy, cuddly boy as a part of your family? Contact my rescue friends if you have any questions about me.

Update 10.01.11: Hello! My name is Chevy. I’m around 2 years old, 80-85 lbs and a beautiful blue brindle color. I might be a Corso mix but who knows with what. What I DO know is people are always telling me how HANDSOME I am!! I mean, just look at my big ‘ol head! What’s not to love! I spent over a month in a shelter in MD and have no idea why no one wanted me…but boy am I glad that my rescue friends saved me! I’m a super sweet boy who gets along with everyone and I loooove to give kisses! For the most part I’m pretty laid back but I do have my silly moments and like to play a little rough sometimes so my foster family is teaching me to settle down. I’m currently living with a female Great Dane and a little female Jack Russell with no issues. Heck, I even back down to the little one…she can be evil! And I think the big girl is my girlfriend. I’m always kissing her on the lips and snuggling as close as I can to her. <3 I’ve been tested with cats and bunnies and was a little scared of them. Oh, and I also live with two turtles and a snake that I totally ignore. I’m house trained and crate trained although I’d rather be left out of my crate. I only chew on what’s mine (love my stuffies!!) and have had ZERO accidents in the house. I know sit, down, stay, wait, easy, shake and go lay down…I’m smart! I love to go for rides and get excited when my foster mom gets the leash. We’re working on my leash skills because I get SO excited to be out visiting that I pull some but I do pretty good with a Halti on. The only issue I’ve had so far is that I seem to be allergic to something and break out in hives from time to time. We’re not sure what it is yet but the good news is that it doesn’t seem to bother me one bit other than making me a little itchy sometimes. I get some inexpensive antibiotics and some over the counter allergy medication and that seems to do the trick so far. Please don’t let that turn you away from me though! I promise it’s not that bad…just makes my skin a little bumpy. What I really want is a forever home to call my very own! Is that YOUR home? Do YOU want a big headed baby to snuggle up on the couch with? If so, please contact my rescue pals!

Chevy’s adoption donation is $250.