Clyde never left his foster parent’s home!!! He will always have a brother Fila and a sister Cane Corso forever!!

Update 8.21.11: Clyde is doing extremely well in foster care. Today he had his first bath and was an exceptionally good boy even allowing the blow dryer to provide his after bath care. He continues to gain weight and is learning to eat kibble but it is a slow process for him so his primary diet is ‘satin balls’. Wednesday Clyde will go for his neuter and be ready for adoption. Clyde continues to work on trusting humans but seems to trust men much quicker than females. Clyde smiles frequently which is a real hoot (see the photo to get an understanding of what this boy looks like when he greets you). Clyde turned 3 years old in July.

Intake Info: There is only one word to describe Clyde…PHENOMENAL! He is the most gentlest, sweetest boy. He came to rescue on Sunday in pretty dismal shape (emaciated, reeking of urine, feet/face matted with feces…). His foster parents were extremely concerned when he refused to eat or drink but after 24 hours in their care, Clyde has begun to rebound. This boy greets you each time with the biggest smile and head bob as to say, “Life is Good”. Yesterday Clyde went to the clinic and stood in line for his turn at vaccination, testing, and microchip. For one hour, Clyde patiently waited his turn to get poked and prodded…his response was to lay down and take it like a man. Clyde didn’t even blink an eye when that ‘rag’ mop dog challenged him, rather he gave him a ‘are you for real’ look. All Clyde wanted to do was play with the puppies and children as he greeted the adults with that big grin. Clyde is going to be a BIG boy when he puts that much needed weight on…120+ lbs. He will also be the most handsome red, brindle Corso E…V…E…R! Clyde’s foster parents adore him and will be very particular on where this boy goes so if you think you got what it takes to give Clyde a life of royalty, then I suggest you complete an application for adoption soon because he will not be available long…he is awesome.

Clyde’s adoption donation is $350.