We’ve started using GroupMe’s free service to help us coordinate and arrange the transport of rescues. In the past we used e-mails to communicate; however, this can be a slow way of communicating. We also call each person, but this takes a significant amount of time for the coordinator. So a solution – GroupMe’s service. What is GroupMe? (from their site):

“Free group texting and conference calling. It’s like a private chat room over SMS, or reply-all text messaging. GroupMe enables you to organize and communicate with the groups of people in your life that are important to you.”

GroupMe charges you nothing—it’s a free service, but please be aware that standard text messaging rates (as per your agreement with your cell carrier) may apply. During our application process you may be asked to agree that we use GroupMe with you; however, if you do not feel comfortable with using this service, it is okay to disagree. We hope this allows us to more effectively arrange transportation in a small amount of time. You can read more about GroupMe on their website.