Hi, my name is Dozer and I am a 5 month old, blue brindle Cane Corso.  Will you walk me?  Will you throw the ball for me?  Will you love on me?  Do you have another dog I can play with?

So let me tell you a little about me…..  I was taken from my breeder/ owner because he was extremely irresponsible in his care ( and I use that word loosely) of myself and the other Cane Corsos in my family (there are 8 of us total, but sadly there were 11). We lived outside on concrete most of the time, so I am just now getting used to be an indoor companion. Mid August, a CCR volunteer made the long drive to pick me and my housemates up.  She drove through the night to bring us to TX.  The rest is history.  I love Texas!

Living in TX is so different than what I was used to.  I have my own bed, toys, and this huge thing called a crate.  I like my crate because it is MINE.  I put my toys in there and I sleep in there at night or when my foster parents are at work.  The other funny thing is that my foster mom has this little round thing (I think she calls it a bell?) hanging from a string on the door.  It is so fun to go running at it FULL SPEED.  You know what happens when I do that?  Yup, my foster mom opens the door and I go bolting around in the yard until I find a great smelly place.  Once I am done doing my business, she lets me back in.  Honestly, I don’t like being outside so I am getting this whole bell- potty- back inside thing pretty quickly!

I want to tell you about my brothers…. I love playing with a huge black Corso and a Neopolitan mastiff that looks a lot like me.  My foster mom calls them my brothers.  We race around the house and play like crazy!  I just love stealing their moose antlers and laying on their beds!  Remember those other little dogs I told you I used to live outside with?  Well, those little guys all go out together and I always want to go play with them.  But, my foster mom says I am too big and rough for them.  I guess that’s why I get to play with the BIG BOYS!!


I am new to Texas, but I really love it here.  I go to the farmers market every weekend and visit with people and other dogs.  Everyone loves me there.  Kyle with the Healthy Hound booth always lets me stay with her, eat yummy treats, and drink all her ice water.  Then, there is Mickey.  She loves on me and brings new people to visit with me.  Melissa, the face painter, loves me too.  And then there are my friends who make the meatballs and cheesecake.  You see, they are from Italy and so they absolutely love me!  As you can see…. I really love visiting with people!.  Then there is Mindy….. and Derek…. they take turns picking me up too.  We go running on the trails… go to local restaurants and bars….. I have so much fun with each of them.  This past weekend, Rachel the dog trainer picked me up and let me stay at her doggie daycare for the weekend.  I am getting to the point now where I expect someone to pick me up and take me out in public.  My foster mom tells me that this is all so important for me.  All I know is that I LOVE IT ALL!

So, anyway… I am not eager to leave this place.  I actually really love it here.  But, my foster mom says that it is time that I go home.  She keeps telling me: “Dozer, you are too good to be living here with us.  We have to let the good ones go and keep the ones that need work”  I don’t really understand what she means by that, but I am always ready to play with new friends.

So, that’s a little about me.  Oh, I forgot something else…. I am the only blue brindle out of the bunch, so I stand out with my overwhelming beauty amongst the other 7 youngins!  Tell me about yourself?  My foster mom says she is going to be sure that I go to a great family.  She is looking for a fenced yard for me……..  and an in-ground  swimming pool (hahahaha).  Ok, I added that.  Other dogs to play with would also be great though.  Are you my new family?  Fill out an application and my foster mom will take it from there.

If I am not adopted by Sep 27, you will see me out at the Old Pecan Street Festival in Austin, TX.  I am certain I will meet my new family very soon. 

Dozer is current on vaccinations, neutered, de-wormed and microchipped. Dozer’s Adoption Donation: $500
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