Thank you to all those who helped raised the funds needed to get Phantom & Fancy the medical treatment needed to save their lives. Your kindness and gratitude is greatly appreciated by all those affiliated with CCR Inc. But most importantly, these two wonderful Corsos will finally have an opportunity to live the remainder of their lives filled with love, joy, and good health! Thank you!!!!

You know the saying… if it wasn’t for bad luck, they’d have no luck at all…well that is the reality for these siblings, Fancy and Phantom

Unbelievable, finally when we thought things were looking up for these two, the unthinkable happens…they are both heartworm positive. This, of course, is in addition to having tick born illnesses that have been treated. We thought they were going home, instead we have to ask for your gratitude once again because they will die without treatment. Fancy has already developed ‘the cough’.

Poor babies spent the majority of the last 12 months in animal control because of an irresponsible owner. When animal control seized them for THE LAST TIME, they were emaciated, abused, and severely neglected. These gorgeous Corsos had been locked up, waiting for a judge to “free” them and convict their owner. Well, the day finally arrived, and the dogs were released to CCR, Inc. Unfortunately, no one bothered to test them for heartworms, so they sat in a shelter for a year, with the worms growing and multiplying slowly but surely killing them. They don’t have much time…please consider helping them receive the treatment they need. We found a vet who is willing to discount their treatment by 50% so instead of $1000 per dog, it will only cost CCR, Inc $500 per dog.