GiGi was pulled from a shelter in Dallas, TX. She is a sweet, petite Cane Corso that has found herself being passed from family to family. She is only 2 years old and has had 3 homes that we know of. The first family had to move and couldn’t take GiGi. The second family got a job promotion and started traveling more. He decided he didn’t have time for GiGi. The third family said they couldn’t handle GiGi. So, she was dumped in a shelter. Now safe and sound in foster care, GiGi is a happy, playful, protective companion. She is learning that being crated is okay and that her family will come back for her. Due to her puppy ways, GiGi must be supervised when out in the house or crated when she is unable to be supervised. Her foster family learned this the hard way when GiGi ate a piece of a towel. Poor GiGi was a very sick girl and needed medical attention. This beautiful, active girl needs an active family that wants a dog to enjoy hikes, bikes, runs and walks, while at the same time wanting a true guardian. She is great with dogs of all sizes and doesn’t seem to care about cats.

Click on link to view video: GiGi and Zeus(2)

GiGi’s Adoption Donation is $350