YAY, Inca is living in her permanent home in Austin, TX. You may be one of the lucky people to meet her at the Pecan Street Festival Fundraiser!!

Hi, My name is Inca! I am a 2 1/2 year old female Blue Brindle Cane Corso Mastiff. I am currently living with my human family which includes two small children and my Corso brother Nitro. I really love this family but they have such a busy life that I don’t always get as much one on one attention as I would like. What I would really love is to live somewhere where I can be number one! I have so much love and affection to give and I love to socialize with other humans and doggy friends. I am full of energy and love to run with my human mommy and sometimes I am not even tired after running 2 or 3 miles. I wish I could hang out in the house but sometimes I like to play a lot and don’t realize how big I am so when my human brother and sister are home I have to stay in my crate. I really love the one on one time I get with my human mommy when I get belly rubs and baths and get to lay on the couch with her, I am in heaven. I wish I could go everywhere with my mommy but she has to work and when she is gone I stay in my crate, which makes me sad and bored. Sometimes I am a little scared of men but as long as they are gentle and kind and take it slow getting to know me I usually warm up and form a great bond and friendship with them. I love going to Lady Bird Lake and running and then when I am hot I love to jump in the water and go swimming to cool off. If could pick the perfect new home I would love to live somewhere with a big back yard where I can sunbathe when it is warm out, it would be really cool if I could have my own doggy room so that when my new mommy or daddy is not home I don’t have to stay in my kennel but I am OK in my crate at night because I love to sleep in a nice cozy place. I don’t know if I really want to live with small children anymore just because I like to play and I don’t want to hurt them. I would be ok with another doggy friend as long as I can still have one on one time and gets lots and lots of exercise outdoors. I am perfectly potty trained know how to sit and walk on a leash really well. I do get bored pretty easily so I need lots of things to keep me busy if your not going to be home. When I am bored or I do not get enough attention I can be very vocal and let you know that I want some love! If you are looking for a furry companion who you can take everywhere with you and is just as energetic and full of love as you are, then I am the perfect friend for you!

Inca’s Adoption Donation: $350