Hi, my name is Kado.  Yes, I know I am super stunning!  I am a blue brindle, 2 year old Cane Corso.  I am one outstanding looking boy!!  I have been with my foster family for about 3 months now.  I am a good boy, but let’s get something straight…. I need someone with experience!!   I am a very big boy, so I need a strong leader that I can trust and find confidence in.  I prefer women, but once I get to know you, I love you whether you are a man or woman.  Let me tell you a little bit about my story…..  I used to be the center of attention.  I used to be the only child.  I used to go on hikes, walks, and play fetch with my mom and dad.  It was all about me, me, me…. Then, a baby showed up.  Mom and Dad threw me outside.  What?  Why was I being punished?  Jeez, I didn’t even do anything wrong.  As a matter of fact, you can ask my foster mom…. I love babies.  Okay, back to my sob story…..

My parents, now with this little baby, decided to put me up on CraigsList.  Oh goodness, you can imagine what that did to the rescue community!  My foster mom received about 100 emails with my ad attached.  Everyone wanted to see me OFF of CraigsList and into a rescue program.  So, that’s what eventually happened (there are a bunch more details, but I won’t share them here.  Let’s just say, I didn’t make a good first impression with a few of the interviewees).  My foster mom finally convinced my current parents to surrender me to Cane Corso Rescue.  So, Dad dropped me off at the vet (you got it, I hadn’t even been vetted yet! 🙁 ) and CCR volunteers took it from there.

Like I said, I need an experienced owner.  I do have a few “special needs”:  1) I am a big boy at 144lbs (unusually large for a Cane Corso), so no young kids please.  I love my foster baby sister and have never done anything to hurt her.  However, I will not be placed in a family with young kids.  2)  I have some fear issues and need a confident leader who will NOT be too pushy with me and definitely not rough with me!  I need time to get to know you and once I get to know you, I need special care to not bond only to you (I told you I need an experienced owner!).  3) I am not a dog that wants to be away from people visiting the home.  I don’t want to be out when company comes over (unless I know them well) and I don’t want to be taken to busy, social events. 4)  I am an indoor, family dog.  Do NOT leave me outside unattended as I will try to find you…… I will whine and cry for you…. I really do love my family!

I have no experience with cats, so let’s just not go there.  I used to live with 2 cocker spaniels, but the male cocker would challenge me.  Of course, I finally took matters into my own hands and told him it was not acceptable to challenge me!  Again, my human parents didn’t take charge, so someone had to!  I liked my cocker spaniel sister, though.  I just really need a dog my size to play with.  My foster parents have introduced me to other female Corsos and woo-woo, have you seen my foster sister, Skye!!!  Wow, talk about a hottie!!!!  Anyway……  with time and patience, I will get along with female dogs.

So, that’s all about me, Kado! Are you what I am looking for?