Lacey came to us about a month ago with very bad ear infections most likely caused from a poor (and home) crop. We have been treating her with the Gentian Violet and Boric Acid mixture and they are starting to drain and the swelling is slowly going down.  She appears to be no more than 2 years old. She is not a fan of being crated, but will stay in a crate during the night (now without a light on) and when there is no one home.  If she knows someone is home, she is very whiny, so we leave her door open when we’re home which is about 95% of the time. She sleeps in her crate as that is where her pillow is.

She gets along great with her foster sister Borador and they tend to wrestle ~ A LOT! While each is still trying to establish dominance, they are not aggressive towards each other. She seldom barks – only once to let us know someone was at the front door and when there were people out on the lake that she could see from the window.  She responds back with quiet barking to the neighbor’s dog, which she has not yet met. She has shown an interest in chasing squirrels so may show the same behavior with cats.
She gets along great with everyone she has come into contact with including our Corso-fearing cable guy. She adores all of our children (ages 21 to 5) and lets the 5 year old treat her like a pillow (something our 5 year old is VERY HAPPY about 🙂  ). She has no issues sharing her food and toys. Lacey loves attention. She wants to be right by your side at all times and will come running with just a nod. She has to be at your feet (and often underfoot) at all times. Her tail is always wagging a mile a minute and allows herself to be smothered with hugs and kisses.
She has been trained with a heavy hand, but is well behaved. She’s not as flinchy as she was when we first got here and allows quick movements now without fear.
Lacey is a wonderful girl, who is most content when by the side of her family members (a breed characteristic). Now that she is being fed a high quality food, her fur is getting back to being soft.  Lacey has a stellar temperament and disposition and would be an awesome addition to any family.
Lacey’s adoption donation is $350.