Did you say you love me??


Poor Ms. Layla was purchased by a family who promised to love and care for her; she was taken home and tied to a tree in the backyard where she remained for several months. But Layla didn’t care; as long as her family visited each day, she was content to stay at her tree and wait for them. Then one day no one came to visit; that day turned into two days, then a week and then a month. Our lovely Layla was left tied to a tree when her family moved on. She was left there without food, shelter, or water. She would have most certainly died tied to that tree hadn’t it been for a few saving angels and a neighbor.

Layla has proven to be quite a girl. Imagine a Corso allowing complete strangers to come into her tree space; well, that is exactly what this girl did. She happily went for her first car ride, slept her first night indoors, made her first canine friend, and was house trained within 24 hours. This is a wonderful 10 month old baby that deserves to find her forever family who will give her the life she rightly deserves.

Lady Layla adoption donation is $450.