Luci was adopted by her original foster parents! YAY for Luci!!

Our poor Luci…warning what you are about to see is utterly disgusting, disturbing, and 100% preventable. All that was needed was treatment of an ear infection!

The photo of Luci in her kennel is what CCR was sent along with the request of surrender from the vet/kennel where she and two other Corsos were abandoned by their owner. The photos of a disfigured Corso is what we found when Luci arrived at our foster home.
Luci, previously Legacy, is doing very poorly.  Her infection is no better, though she has been on heavy antibiotics and in to see our vet twice.  Yesterday she went in for her spay.  However, we were pretty sure it wouldn’t be done because she wan’t well enough for it.  Well, within an hour my suspicions were confirmed.  Luci is having a hard time eating now and really doesn’t want anyone to touch her head 🙁  She has been diagnosed with myotitis. It is an infection of her muscle, and I believe it is her mandible.  This poor girl is very much in pain and HAS BEEN IN PAIN FOR SOME TIME!  How could a vet allow this to continue for over a month?!  We are disgusted and very upset about it.  Poor Luci has been suffering and now Rescue has to come up with the money to treat this darling girl.  Please help us!!
Intake Information: Beautiful 1 year old, red brindle female is awaiting her forever home. We don’t have a great deal of information on Luci except that she gets along with other dogs and has already had one litter of pups. We are certain the sole reason of her purchase was to be a breeding machine but no more babies for this girl. Now she will live the life of royalty. If you think you have that special home please complete an application because this beauty will want for a home for very long.  She is an absolute sweetheart.