LuLu – a true example of a very sweet girl of about 3 years of age who is trying hard to “live in the moment.” Lulu suffered what we all consider to be unfathomable crimes of neglect. Starved, forgotten, isolated and used only as a breeding machine, Lulu was thrown away when she was no longer usable to those who owned her. Picked up as a stray in Long Island, her time had almost run out when our rescue was contacted. She suffered from painful health issues that caused discomfort and anxiety. Many potential adopters passed her by at the shelter not realizing that her fears were caused in part by these discomforts. Thanks to foster care and a round of antibiotics, Lulu is now thriving with her corso pack brothers, sister and very bossy house cat! Immediately after Lulu arrived in her foster home, it became apparent that she had been isolated from life and any form of socialization. However, in one short month, Lulu was housetrained, crate trained and learned how to walk on leash. She has no food aggresssion and shares any toy she is playing with her pack. As a matter of fact, she hoards as many as she can in her crate, as if she is making up for lost time! Lulu would do best in an adult home as loud noises and sudden movement are still a little difficult for her. She recovers quickly though! With the right pack leadership Lulu will continue to thrive. A home with another happy-go-lucky dog will guarantee this! She loves to run, play tug of war and chase her pack family. We are working on basic commands – she learned “cookie” and her name in short order, so we’re sure the basics will be easy for her too! Lulu now lives in the present, away from her sad past…but her transformation to beautiful swan is not complete. Help Lulu continue her journey into a home of her own. Please submit your online application today!

Lulu’s adoption donation is $350