Max has been adopted!  What a roller coaster of a ride for sweet Max and CCR.  Sadly, after a rough beginning, he was put into a foster home that turned out to be dishonest and negligent.  Sadly, the fosters stopped abiding by CCR rules and stopped returning calls/emails.  Max was later dumped into a kill shelter by the same fosters that supposedly wanted to help him.  So sad.  But, the good news is…. Max is in a great home now and he couldn’t be loved more!!  Yippee for Max!!


Max’s Story posted on facebook a week ago got the attention of many and helped save his live, when a fabulous foster family offered to take in a second Corso in need.  “URGENT: This story will make you cry…. PLEASE HELP!!! I was called by the shelter today about a 3 year old male Corso. He has lived with 4 children (5yrs+) and 3 kittens. The wife is sleeping on the floor illegally in an apartment that is vacant (they were evicted due to no payment) and they have tried several different avenues. 1/2 the family is in the new apt that doesn’t allow animals. All rescues have turned them down so they went to LHS in Jersey City to euthanize their loyal companion. The shelter is out of the drug to euthanize until tomorrow and called me to see if I can help. The owner just called me in tears. This is absolutely heartbreaking. This dog has actually come close to death one other time. PLEASE HELP US SAVE HIM. We need a foster or donations to board him. PLEASE, PLEASE. This Corso sleeps with 3 kittens at night. 🙁 :-(”

Max’s adoption donation is $350.