Minnie is a 3 year old Fila Brasileiro. When Minnie was first brought into rescue, it was believed that she was a mixed breed dog. However, after more research, it was determined that Minnie is indeed a mastiff- a Fila Brasileiro. Minnie is a very active girl who enjoys a run, brisk walk, or just swimming some laps in the pool! She knows basic commands and will perform them quickly on verbal command. Minnie is looking for a family that is active to ensure she gets the much needed exercise she requires.  She would also love to have a canine sibling and a larger dog is a must, as Minnie is a big dog and she does play rough.   Minnie, like most Filas, is very sensitive. You never need to raise your voice at Minnie, as she knows the “look” and will immediately stop whatever it is you don’t want her to do. She is crazy about the ball and keeps herself busy for hours playing with the Egge or the jolly ball. Minnie is also crazy about swimming. Minnie is such a fun dog! She is house broken and crate trained. Having Minnie as a foster dog has taught her foster family a lot about the breed. The Fila is a breed for experienced dog owners, but they are not a dominant breed at all. They are a guardian breed, so it is very important for Minnie’s new owners to understand this and want this in a dog. Are you Minnie’s perfect match?

Minnie’s adoption fee: $350