Misty’s foster mommy reports, “Misty is housebroken and crate trained and primarily uses the crate at night. Misty plays well with her male foster brothers. She LOVES the dog park and enjoys playing with all the other dogs, but stays in the big dog area because of her size. Misty has shown submission when a couple of male dogs have growled at her….believe it or not, they both outweighed her by at least 60 pounds.  One was a Newfoundland, while the other was a Bernese Mountain Dog.  She wasnt’ quite sure what to do with them!  Misty is good with kids, although she is a somewhat of a klutz, so we would prefer she not be placed in a home with children under 6 years of age. However, while at the dog park, Ms. Misty laid on the ground so she could receive some gentle strokes from the little children at the park. Misty has no preference in her human counterparts; she loves them all the same.
As far as commands, she knows Crate, Sit, Down, Free, Leave it and Shake, but would further benefit from an obedience class.  As with most Corsos, she will need someone who is a consistent and confident leader.  Her favorite thing to attempt to do is to herd people (and other dogs).  Misty is being trained using the ‘Nothing in Life is Free’ model. Misty is a really sweet girl, someone  will be very lucky to call her part of their family.”

Intake Information: Misty is a gorgeous, blue Corso that found herself in a very scary shelter in Kentucky. After being in the shelter for some time, Misty was found to be pregnant. Thank goodness a CCRI volunteer drove to pick Misty and her pups up. She had her puppies, and was being such a good momma to them but unfortunately they all had a rare liver disease that cost them their lives. Misty is a wonderful gal, just waiting on some good, human companionship.