Please be kind…Pearl is a beauty in the making; one day she will have her own ‘Ugly Duckling’ story to tell. Pearl will have her day when onlookers admire her beauty, rather than pity her sad state. Now don’t get me wrong – Pearl will never be that majestic, muscular Corso, rather Pearl will be that somewhat clumsy, cuddle bug who wants to be a lap dog. If your wondering what is wrong with Pearl, she has been diagnosed with Demodex, a highly treatable, noncontagious form of mange that her previous owners chose not to treat. As a result, Pearl developed secondary skin and eye infections (that is the green gunk on her face). But, there is good news for Pearl the Enchantress…she has been in a loving, caring foster home that has been treating her condition, so she soon will be ready to go to her forever home.

Everyone who interacts with Pearl raves about her good natured qualities, preferring to nestle along side you in your favorite chair rather than run along side you on your favorite trail. Other dogs and/or cats already in your home – that is just fine with Pearl the Enchantress – she loves everyone and everything, all creatures large and small.

Abracadabra let Pearl come home!

Pearl’s Adoption Donation is $350