12.3.11: Remy is doing so great!  He represented Cane Corso Rescue recently at a PA event and was a huge hit!!  Remy is doing great and the healthy diet and exercise has really paid off.  We estimate Remy to be about 7-8mos old now. The great news is that it doesn’t look like Remy will need surgery!!  His hips aren’t the best, like many Corsos, but he moves well.  He runs and plays with his big foster Corso brother and sisters and he has no problem getting up and down the stairs.  Now, we don’t want to place him in a home with a bunch of stairs because that isnt’ good for a growing Corso puppy!  However, Remy’s movement isn’t limited in any way!

Remy’s adoption donation is $450.

Remy’s Today: Remy Today


Remy does the stairs: Remy on Stairs

Remy\’s Intake Video…look at the progress he has made! Cane Corso Rescue Remy – MO – baby, male

11.4.11  Haggar has a new name and it is REMY.  Remy is now about 6-7mos old.  He’s still as adorable as ever and doing just great!  His legs have gotten strong and he is building muscles that he never knew he had.  Remy is climbing stairs great and plays like crazy with his foster brothers and sister.  Remy will make a family very happy.  Anyone interested in adopting Remy MUST be willing to drive at least 1/2 way to MO, as that is where he is being fostered.  CCR will happily set up a volunteer transport 1/2 way to the new adopter.Remy will bring so much joy to a family and we would love to place him in a home with kids, cats, dogs, etc.  He is great with everyone and everything.  He walks very nicely on a leash, as you can see in the video below (if it will upload)!
We have gotten a lot of inquiries on Remy, but we were waiting to be sure he didn’t need any surgical procedures and that he wasn’t in any kind of pain.  Remy is READY TO GO NOW!!  He will make such a great companion for any active family!

Update 8.21.11: Yippee, Haggar is in a fabulous foster home in MO awaiting his forever home. Haggar needs an adopter who is willing to continue to feed him a high quality food and provide a structured exercise regime to strengthen his muscles. This poor boy has been crated for the majority of this life which has left his feet and leg muscles weak. All of which can be corrected with proper nutrition and exercise.

Isn’t he just too cute? Haggar was found as a stray in Maryland, believe it or not. His tail is docked and his ears are cropped – unfortunately they are a bit uneven because it looks like someone cut them at home. Haggar has a little bit of an off gate which may just be due to poor nutrition in his early stages as it has been improving since he has been getting fed properly. Haggar is as sweet as he looks and about 4 months old. He is need of a foster or adoptive home as soon as possible.