Rescued from a high kill shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Rosie is learning to live the life of royalty. Sweet Rosie has spent the last few months in foster care, experiencing love, and what it feels like for a human to show patience and kindness. Rosie is finally able to get all her needs met and more! She has proven to be quite the oatmeal cookie hog (teehee) and will accept hugs and kisses until the giver stops giving. She is making big strides and is learning to live as an indoor family member. For the first several weeks she was in foster care, Rosie did nothing buy lay on the floor in a corner or in the closet. When she was let outside to potty, she immediately would lie down in the grass. Poor Rosie has most likely never lived outside a kennel enclosure, but CCR will make sure that she never lives as a kennel dog ever again! This beautiful girl is looking for a patient and kind adopter to continue working with her so that she learn to trust humans again. Are you that family?