Cleo Update 5/23/11: Poor Cleo was adopted by a fabulous family who cherished her; unfortunately, they did not have any other dogs for Cleo to co-exist with and she just was too unhappy. Cleo is back in foster care with her canine buddies and we have learned a very important lesson…Cleo must go to a forever home that has at least one other dog. She loves everyone but is very reliant on canine siblings.

Cleo Update 2/13/11: Foster Mom reports Cleo is doing beautifully with meeting new people and animals. Today, “Cleo interacted beautifully with a Havanese and an elderly yellow lab. She played with them and really came alive! Believe it or not she was also chicken tested and did wonderfully (interested but no aggression or over excitment). Cleo loves her human children, who are 7 years and older and is very attuned to the special needs of her autistic friend. Cleo is going to make one lucky family very happy. She is an awesome gal.”

Poor, poor Cleo found wandering the streets of Philadelphia…alone, cold, and hungry searching for her babies…animal control could not find her little ones, so she had to go to the shelter alone. Cleo had completely shut down, the loss of her babies compiled with the atmosphere at the shelter had left her very depressed. One of our volunteers pulled and delivered her to a temporary foster home so we have been able to save her life. Thank you Wren & Michelle for saving yet another poor soul. We have two weeks to find her a home. Here is what we know about our sweet Cleo…She is a sad, shy girl who has recently had a litter of pups. She loves people wanting to be with you and enjoys to have her head pat. When evaluated this poor girl was scared of the tester hand, running for cover each time it came near. She showed little interest in cats or other dogs. Would probably do best in a home that has similar energy level animals. Since we have no known history on our girl, we will not place her in a home with small children (under 7). If you’re looking to adopt a Cane Corso female, please consider Cleo…she really needs and deserves a stable, loving home to call her own.