Update: Samson was adopted out in December. Sadly, a family member fell ill and Samson was returned to Rescue. Poor Samson…. he didn’t do anything wrong! That’s ok because he was super happy to see his foster family again and all his Corso foster brothers and sisters. He anxiously awaits the move to his permanent home.

Samson is a mastiff mix that was pulled from a high kill, Louisiana shelter back in June. Samson was all skin and bones when he was found in the shelter, and even his skin wasn’t in good shape. He was snatched up by an angelic rescuer and thankfully an animal loving Louisiana lady opened up her heart and home to Samson. Now, eating until he is full, and playing until he is tired, Samson is safe and happy in foster care. He plays well with all his Cane Corso foster siblings and only wants to bounce around, play, and accept all the love and attention any human can give him. Sadly, Samson has heartworms because he was kept outside only and was never administered heartworm preventative. But, we are going to fix that. Samson will soon be treated for heartworms and 4-6 weeks from his treatment date, he will be heartworm free and ready to go to his new home! If you are looking for a mastiff mix companion with an awesome temperament, medium-high energy, Samson is your guy!