Tango is a 95lb, 9 month old lovable moosh 🙂 who is still clumsy and uncoordinated in his efforts to move his long legs and huge paws. Tango is all natural still having his beautiful ears and tail. Tango needs to continue learning his basic commands and building confidence. Although he is doing well with his potty training, he does have accidents from time to time. Most accidents relate to submissive urination that should subside as his confidence develops. Tango is a very smart and friendly Corso. He gets along with all dogs large and small, but has an unknown history with cats. His foster parents are continuing to work on some overprotective issues with food that has greatly improved using hand feeding techniques. Tango may have some English mastiff in him based on his looks and personality. The vet said he may gain another 30-50lbs before fully grown.

Tango would be most happy with an active family that enjoys playing as much as he does. Having a four legged brother or sister is also important to Tango. Tango would be forever grateful if his adoptive family enrolled him in an obedience class so he learns how to control that large, clumsy body. Because of his size, Tango would do best in a home that has children 10 years and older, Tango would feel horrible if he accidentally knocked over a small child. As with most large breed puppies, Tango does not realize his strength and size. And sometimes he doesn’t even realize he is a dog, he has been seen attempting to walk across the back of a sofa like a cat.

Tango walks well on lead, enjoys long leisurely car rides, and is always well behaved while in public. He is crate trained.

Tango’s Adoption Donation is $450