Tinkerbelle, or Tink, is a lovable, puppyish, athletic girl who is content to lie at your side, get belly rubs, or walk for miles by your side.  She wants all animals to play with her, and happily shares her toys.  She knows “sit” and “lay down,” and is working to perfect her “stay” “heel” and “leave it.” Rarely does she have to be told more than twice before obeying.
She wants horses to play with her, but will leave them alone when told to.  Her history tells us that she likes cats and asks them to play with her.  At her previous home, she lived with two small children who were 2 and 5 years old.
Tink is walked frequently at a very busy park
where strollers, runners, dogs, and bicyclists abound; the only thing she was unsure of was a dark haired, male high school student walking with a dark messenger bag.  Tink frequently “checks in” with her humans to make sure she knows what they want from her.This sensitive, lovable puppy of a gal stands tall at 27 inches and is very lean.  Born to a breeder on January 14, 2009, her parents are known.  Her parents’ hips and elbows are certified at good and dad’s Penn hip score is in the 80th percentile!  Tink grew up in the northeast, but is learning to tolerate the sunny southeast.   She does have some rough edges that are being worked out; most have to do with lack of boundaries as a young pup.  With furniture, she thinks she’s a mountain goat like the Chihuahua and Toy Fox Terrier that she’s currently living with.
Well socialized, she gives her Corso sister and toy dog brothers their space when indicated.  Tink is being worked with to teach her that ear cleaning and nail trimming don’t have to be traumatic experiences.
One of her back toes must have been dislocated from the first joint and never set properly; this toe sticks out to the side, and she has developed a thick padded area to compensate.  Tink is housetrained and crate trained. Tinkerbelle is an absolute lover!

Tinkerbelle’s adoption donation is $350.