UPDATE ON VITO 12/21/11:  A local rescue found Vito a home!

Vito currently has an adoption pending, through a local CA group.  CCR was asked to help, however they found a local family for him.  It isn’t for sure, but we will know something by Dec 12th.  If for any reason, this family doesn’t work out, CCR hopes to be able to place him with one of the wonderful families that have applied to for.  Again, thank you all so much and we will keep you updated on Vito!
Here is what we are told about Vito:
“PLEASE help guide me in the right direction, to save Vito’s life. A local breeding/boarding kennel is closing down. There is a 5 year old Cane Corse male, black Corso with docked ears and tail. Was a family dog, dumped on the breeding/boarding kennel facility. Trained in Russian and very responsive.  The owner of the kennel will euthanize him, if I can’t find a place for him within 2 weeks.

Vito is located in Los Angeles, CA.”

  *  We are down to 1 week.  We URGENTLY need a foster for Vito.  CCR will do all his vetting.  We just need a family to love him, feed him, and exercise him until the right adopter is found.  PLEASE, can you help us save Vito?