Warg is doing so great with his Colorado family! He has a sister Corso (previous CCR dog) that lives and plays with him non stop! We are so, so happy for Warg!

11.21.11:  Caine is now Warg!!  This boy is a doll baby, but he is so sick.  Now, we are struggling to get him over pneumonia.  Please help by donating any amount.  Thank you!  Contact liz@canecorsorescue.org if you would like to donate directly to the MO vet clinic where Warg is being treated.

11.9.11:  Caine has been saved, but sadly we didn’t get Coarso 🙁  Shelter life stinks… this is the reality and many people don’t understand it.  These dogs had a chance….  But, let’s focus on Caine and get him well!  Please donate if you can. We can make $5 dollars go a long way!!!

These guys make us all want to cry.  HOW COULD SOMEONE…….  Honestly, surrendering them to a high kill shelter is the best thing that could ever happen to these boys.  That’s how bad of shape they are in.  Demodex is absolutely treatable and we can do it…. WITH YOUR FINANCIAL HELP!  CCR can’t pull any more dogs right now due to financial difficulties.  However, if we can raise $1000, we can save them.  We have a guardian angel foster mommy in Missouri who is willing to drive all the way to NYC to pick these boys up.  All we need is boarding until Saturday, and some vet care to get them started.  Next, we need a few hundred dollars to help Stephanie with gas. WE LOVE YOU STEPHANIE!!

To make a contribution toward Warg’s care please use his chip-in link:  http://www.canecorsorescue.org/2011/11/help-us-save-brooklyn-brothers-chip-in.html?utm_source=BP_recent