Dog Brief


Name: Yoda

Breed: Presa Canario

Sex: Male

Age: Adult

Location: Delaware


5/23/15 UPDATE: Yoda has been ADOPTED!

3/6/15 Update: Yoda is cat friendly, dog friendly, and great with people and kids!  What an outstanding companion Yoda is.  Currently, he is in a foster home with a Cane Corso and several kitties.  Yoda is brushing up on his manners and training.

Original Post: Yoda is a magnificent Presa Canario, who came into a Louisiana shelter in a significantly declining state.  However, that didn’t stop this boy from wagging his tail a thousand miles an hour and stealing the hearts of shelter staff and one very important rescue lady!  Yoda won the heart of a lady who in that instant committed to getting this boy well…. and immediately at that!  Here is what his foster mom says about him:

Yoda was found in a Louisiana shelter, declining by the day.   The shelter was barely able to provide the basics . There was no air-conditioning and poor little Yoda was very sick. He had stomach parasites, was grossly underweight, a urinary tract infection, eye infections, and a high positive reading of heart worm. When the rescue volunteer arrived, Yoda was laying listless on the hard concrete, shelter floor. Once outside in the pen together, Yoda came straight over to the rescuer, gave lots of kisses and laid down in her lap.

Since coming into Cane Corso Rescue, he has been cured of his eye infections, urinary tract infection and parasites. Currently he is undergoing treatment for heartworms and will continue to receive treatment until they are all gone (yes, he can still be adopted now and CCR will continue to pay for his treatment until healed!)  Yoda’s foster mom says he is one of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs she has ever met. While on walks he has been approached by cats, who he is mostly not interested in, and dogs who he would very much like to play with. Given his laid back attitude and desire to give love he gets along with everyone and everything. Clearly Yoda has a lot of catching up to do on giving and receiving affection – it’s his number one interest. The person(s) that open up their doors to little Yoda is one lucky guy/gal. We’re pretty sure he is made of sugar.